15 Dec
All these shootings and the movie theater guy and now the shooting at the elementary school…. Just 2 average guys who they profiled with ease. Yesterday on CNN Dr Drew profiled the kid as being important…………? Said the guy thought he was important and than killed himself after the act? And this was before any evidence of character towards the suspected shooter. I found that odd and really got to thinking. If they can profile someone that easy we are not safe.
 America we need to use our resources to prevent false profiles, frames, and also character assassination by these goof psychologist who are in my opinion the problem not the solution for personality flaws within society. I am going to create a normal and not normal profile of people.
So we can eliminate con artistry and false profiling and cover up for crimes. A lot of criminal organizations or evil people call people suspecting their crimes crazy or paranoid.
 Give a self evaluation every day or week if you can. Create a blog site and post it everywhere with as many witness’s as you can have. Personally I don’t own a gun and don’t plan on ever owning one. I believe in self defense but these days really doesn’t matter. I make sure I tell my convictions given by Jesus Christ the value of life and also my personality flaws. I have never met anyone with no personality flaws or odd traits. God created us to be different from one anther we are not suppose to me all the same. Someone a little different doesn’t make you a killer or someone who will kill in the future.
 Just like the movie theater shooting there is a possibility there was a switch also at the school shootings. The movie theater guy was so drugged up in the court room I can’t see him actively shooting. I saw the suspected school shooter on the news today…………….. Said he was a nerd and loner…….? I suspect an easy person to do a switch on. And the New Jersey death of the kids brother doesn’t really add up either. All I am saying we need to be cautious and create a character profile of yourself.
 Every since the war on terror and the Catholic Church buying into wall street, I have felt an intense evil among us. The only way to beat this deceptive evil is to create ways to counter all
these suspicious acts of terror we can seen on our media for years now. Here is my daily character profile and my mind set.
 I value life
I don’t own any guns
I have a character profile of myself
I defensive based on tangible leads in my life
and an ongoing issue
simple huh?
do the same!!!
Common Sense 101 

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