16 Dec
 I have been a Christian and have been since the 5th grade. My first experience of God’s Love as a child brought tears to my eyes an overwhelming warm Love I can’t explain. But see the facts are I didn’t know who to continue asking God for that Love to grow into a Spiritual Being and having the Holy Spirit balance me and stabilize me mentally and Spiritually.
 Being a victim of psychological harassment and other abuses I have had to learn on the run. I still carry imperfections in my character and personality. But I don’t cross the line and practice self control. As I said in the previous blog our chemical balance is determined by our Spirituality.
Our mind set and understanding what is right and wrong can determine our actions. Having a moral line can determine our actions even when things aren’t going our way.
 I don’t believe in experimenting with science and chemicals in body it is dangerous for us all. I believe in natural ways of dealing with depression or anger. My opinion most so called mental illness’s are influenced by demons. Not saying the people are possessed or evil its the simple influence of evil that can drive us to evil. I watch all sorts of sci fi and movies and fictional horror films. I am also a gamer, I play video games. But the reality is I don’t let these things influence me into the realm of reality.
  Let’s say I wasn’t a Christian and didn’t have the aid of God’s love. I would organize my life and create an organized mind set and create a set of rules for myself. If I had emotion scars blog about them, nothing wrong with publicly talking about things. I believe some forms of Government are trying to legalize marijuana to help our public’s cope better. Facts are we all have to face abusive disrespectful ass holes and we have to understand these people are 9 times out of 10 victims also.
We as people need to create a buddy system that creates no frames, no slander, false profiles and makes it really hard for the bad guys to ruin our lives.
  If I have not experienced the Love of God personally by a small town Pastor I would not be a Christian based on some things we are seeing in the Church’s today. I felt rejection and abuse from my former Church which I was a member of and suspecting there was some mafia influence within the Church. This was a Baptist Church and yes that is sad because the Baptist teachings are close to perfection in my opinion. Seems like everything these days are based on greed and corruption. Here are some things to ask Pastors and leaders of the Church you may want to attend. And even your current Pastors and leaders of Church’s.
 1. Explain John 15 to me. Was Jesus God in the flesh? yes or no
 John 15 discerned: The Receiving and praying for the Holy Spirit.
This is the act of abiding, the act of salvation in action. Allowing the
spring of life into our Souls bringing peace and teaching us Love and
how to act and treat one anther.
2. Who are God’s chosen people? and ask for explanation
look for expressions in the answers.
Answer the Jews: Israel will always be God’s people.
God came as a man and choose to be a Jew.
Anyone who isn’t a Jew who truly Loves God can accept this.
3. Facts are the Holy Spirit will not testify for cons or people
with deceptive intent. This simple truth has saved my life many times
by countless bad advice that could have lead me to my death.
On a ongoing issue I can’t talk about.
How to Discern: Make sure you are Spiritual in Christ before asking.
God will let the Holy Spirit testify or during the question the environment
will become dry. This is how we know deception from Spiritual in Christ.
Any Pastor that doesn’t understand this in my opinion is not called by God.
Jesus said apart from me you can’t do nothing, He meant what He said.
 I am not perfect nor do I want to be. I am just a man who is allowing his Creator to Love, teach, and guide me by His Holy Spirit. I am not delusional all my suspicions have some leads that make sense. I don’t believe in assuming I research and ask questions. I also have no problem with confronting people with direct in your face questioning. I am defensive based on years of psychological harassment and day to day threats of death. I have enough pride and value for my own life and name I will defend myself. Everyone these days you need to tell the truth about yourself and refuse modern medications. Ask for natural ways to control anger, rage, and I need to practice on choosing your words correctly. We need to bring simplicity back to communities and society.
God sense 101 

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