16 Dec
There are some things that bother me. Today’s shrinks to me are nothing but legal drug dealers who falsely profile people with simple everyday problems. And some of these medications have so many side effects its plain as day sicken. I am a product and Spiritual man in Jesus Christ and I am going to help Christians and non Christians to avoid and find peace apart from this con job we are being forced into.
 Parents by law you don’t have to allow medications on your children. This is an good idea. Here is a simple explanation of God and Science of the body. Our Spiritual health determines our chemical balance. Yes its that simple. Now there are some natural things that can aid depression and anger. Marijuana is a natural substance that can stabilize you and help with chemical imbalance’s and also anger. Marijuana can also aid your psychical aliments. You can’t overdose organized criminals aka terrorist can’t use it to murder you and say you overdosed.  
 Only side effect of marijuana is short term memory and some laziness. But this is something we can deal with in society vs medications that have deadly side effects. I am a defensive person based on years of psychological harassment, psychological mind control attempting to make me believe I am a criminal or bad guy. Just a lot of things I can’t get into detail about. But the aid of God’s Love and a organized mind set and refusal to believe these lies I am beating and overcoming this terrorism against me.
 No I do not smoke marijuana but I have before 2002. And in that time I was a guy who liked to party and drink and smoke marijuana. Wasn’t a Spiritual man in Christ. and this was my way of coping with the abuse we all have to face by everyday ass holes. Facts are if you are stoned if someone wants to fight you are thinking no way man not ruining my buzz lol. Free World we need to beat these threats against us by banning together in non radical ways and saying no to this con artistry terrorizing us.
 We need to say hey con artistry there is nothing wrong with me but your punk ass falsely profiling me to make money. Christian or non being educated on mental illness’s and depression can save your life. I have been harassed and told I need medication. Well Free World the day this happens is the day they kill me, I am free to say no and an freak you suspected murderer. Bottom line Free World say no and find natural ways to help yourself in everyday life. I am sick of reading the damn news seeing Celebrities and people die from these dangerous medications. We all have to stand up and say NO.

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