17 Dec
  I believe in natural ways to solve problems in everyday life. And yes I am not perfect
in my days but I practice self control and emotional control. President Obama said something about using power towards mental health or gun control? I can read people during the first speech he was whipping away dry tears as  I saw why did you whip away dry tear? Personally I cried wet tears and not ashamed of the emotion for those poor children.
 I believe we need gun control and strict laws on the purchase of automatic weapons. But as long as we have organized crime facts are some people need protection. I mean these days some cops can be bribed with a piece of big red and a dollar. So trusting police to protect us sometimes is well not to promising. I believe people who purchase guns for hunting and self defense should be able to prove sanity. Honestly I would like to debate psychologist these days to prove their cons I suspect in the bull shit they throw.
 Being a victim of psychological harassment and yes I have suffered from it. But have mentally overcome it naturally with the aid of the Love of Jesus Christ. I am out spoken and defensive but who isn’t these days? Ass holes come in all shapes and sizes and the simple moral of the value of life has left hearts. So yeah I will defend myself within law and words. There is a lot going on in my life that I can’t get into detail in, but I am targeted and been harassed for about 10 years now.
I should not be alive but shit I am the type if I can out smart your ass I will.
 During my journey of dealing with this issue. People will always say this is business and not personal. I used that to keep a self control about actions taken towards me to keep a stable self controlled mind set. And I say to myself well when I prove your crimes don’t take it personal when your ass goes to prison. I even tried to find humor from abuse and dumb ass people who abuse me. So if you are a victim of ass holes its life and don’t take it personal. Out smart them, record their bull shit. Actions speak louder than words.
 I went to a chat room on connectingsingles web site, also on AOL chat sites. Both sites I was kicked off of for defending my heterosexuality. You know being bullied if you see the desperateness of the people attacking you its like wow man your really dealing with your personal pains all wrong. But for me it was planned forward intent for things I can’t mention. I out smarted them made them jealous, baited them with my own little tricks. Build evidence off their instability and actions and attacks towards me, repetitious attacks towards me.
  They even called me paranoid schizophrenic. I was like really? You are attacking me with plain as day repetitious acts  with evidence of desperation. Only one that was crazy in these deals where my attackers off obsession and terrorism towards me. I see people like this as pathetic and without conscience. So if you bullied by hurting people just avoid and ignore. I had to go into the fire for case building. You don’t have to 😉 and if they force abuse on you record it and just bring awareness of the abuse and bullying. 😉
 God is amazing has given me knowledge and understanding on simple natural ways to cure anger, personality flaws and even chemical imbalances. Our spirits are energy, and the health of our spirit is on us. My cure for a healthy Spirit is Jesus Christ and that balances the chemicals in my body. But God doesn’t forget everyone else there are natural ways to be spiritual healthy without believing in Him. Yes He Loves us all that much just separates Himself from those who practice unspeakable evil. Find natural healthy ways to deal with everyday problems.
 Please don’t complicate things. If we just keep a simple game plan everyday we can create a positive mind set to cope in everyday life. Bullying, people falsify judging you, false profiles, and just plain out meanness we can beat with planning in our days. Learn law, pressure our cops who we pay their salaries to do their damn jobs and create positive communities to ensure no violence or con jobs. If you feel like Government is harassing you and you are just a everyday tax payer send your PC logs to the U.N. . Yes there is always possible corruption and radical Government actions that need to be addressed in law.
Common Sense 101 

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