19 Dec
There was a lot of hearsay out during the end of the election saying Obamacare
was going to lead us to an NWO with chip placements in the  American public. Now I am to lazy to read the entire bill. But if you are not read it and post it for us. Let’s say this is a reality America than the U.N. and other Super powers that don’t support this are our hope. I never agreed with Obama’s health care plan and no Obama I don’t fear you. And the false profiling your public with mental illness? I will sue the dog shit out of your ass and the con artist you call shrinks. And will aid anyone who is targeted by this radicalism. For sure no fear!!!
 I don’t believe in forced anything. If a man or women can’t afford health care than they should have a choice and saying they must be penalized or fined………………………? And possible prison you are out of your minds. Times are hard and you jack ass’s are putting more pressure on a already pressured people trying to make a living. You are not putting a chip in me and I be damned if I sit and watch good people go to prison for not being able to afford health care!!!!
 So many shootings in the U.S. in the last year. Seems like both shooters where lonely nerds. What you all pick a nerd you can target, frame and blame it on mental illness? Other guy in the movie theater was so drugged up during the court hearing that following morning I really don’t see him firing automatic weapons and a shotgun. Could not hold his head up………………….. . England had a school shooting back in the day and they created gun control.
 Going to force communism on us and take away guns to ensure no fighting back? Hey American people that would be the last thing any of us should do. We have law and the U.N. to help us and possibly liberate us by law and Court. We don’t have to act out in violence just pressure these jack ass leaders who are trying to take our freedoms with Law. If you have any information please contact the U.N. If you have any evidence these shooting where planned and the shooters where framed please contact the U.N. . You are not subject to be terrorized by working hard and paying tax dollars. I Love you all, God Loves you all. We can overcome any evil by law.
Common Sense 101 

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