22 Dec
I have been following some the shooting at the elementary school and wow this whole deal makes me sick to my stomach. I mean if we can’t trust our media sources and its all bull shit
than who can we trust? The murder pattern and the motive they are feeding us for the shootings well doesn’t add up. Just like the movie theater shooting, just didn’t add up. These days its smart not to want to own an automatic weapon. Use an port monitoring log in case you are hacked or being harassed online smart thing.
 I believe in gun control and banding the purchase of automatic weapons. But with the continued threat of the mafia and organized crime people should be able to defend themselves. I mean these days some cops can be bribed with a buck and a piece of big red. Yes I have said this before and understand this reality. So personal protection for the normal non murderous free person should not be taken away. Who is to say the mafia didn’t conspire this to un arm us to protect ourselves?
 I mean the shooting was near Jersey.  The shooters brother lived in Jersey and killed in Jersey. No one saw the shooter expect the victims who where murdered. The movie theater shooting the guy was so drugged up the morning after how in the hell did he successfully do that act of terror the night before? And all these things happened within a year. We have had the same mental illness treatment and also the same video games and movies for years now. Like the shooter in AZ.
He was struggling, said he was mentally ill, said he traveled across the Country, to shoot a politician. How did he afford the trip? was it an funded hit?
 President Obama went on live TV and whipped away tears that wasn’t there. Mr President where you dictated to pretend to show emotion? Like I said I just get sick when I watch the media these days. Why is HAARP so secretive? The American worker pay for these programs why can’t we know what this program this technology can and can’t do? This is my suspicion what is wrong with our Country by actions and cause and effect since 2001.
 We had an horrific terrorist attack on Sept 11 2001. During the years on the war on terror the Catholic Church bought into wall street. In the last 10 years I have saw promotion of the mafia like never before. I remember the promotion of scar face sickly. I have seen our economy crumble before our eyes. I have seen so many loved celebrities die from overdose on medications. Our NFL and NBA seem so dictated and not real any more. Do the math people and we need to stand together to bring this darkness to light for our lives and well being.
Common Sense 101

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