30 Dec
   I am a realist. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and I do love people but I understand I can’t be an ass kisser or a passive rug to survive in this World. It’s sad some people use the Christian Faith as an weapon to use or abuse. Basically using your good nature against you to rob you blind or humiliate you. I enjoy God’s Love and abide in Him daily and I am sorry I still have some pride to take up for myself and not allow let people run over me. If you can’t respect people trying to pursue good you are little to no use to me.
 Being a victim of psychological harassment I am like a Rocky towards the cowardly act. But being a victim I have studied the process to beat it. Yes people will use your faith against you if they think they can get away with it. And yes they are smart enough to use the very words of Christ against you, basically using good for evil. The issue in my life good Lord this was 24/7 I had damn crack head harassers day in an out using indirect messaging trying to use my faith as a weapon.
 I am a pretty laid back person and really don’t like conflict. But If you target me and attempt to take, ruin, or mess up my life you are in for a fight. And the U,S. Government is trying to profile people who speak up for themselves or not be a slave to their bull shit you can kiss my ass. I know the laws and bottom line self defense and defending my good name is not a crime. Profile me away from my actions with con artistry I will sue your ass and make sure you learn to profile correctly ass clowns. If I act according to the law and work towards making the right choices in life I be damn if some con artist loser is going to falsely profile me.
 Being a Christian doesn’t mean I have to lay down and let people run over me and make my life a living hell. As long as there are civil rights and laws to protect me you better believe you are going to get a fight. Change the law system and than maybe I’ll lay down. Facts are people who don’t respect laws or people trying to pursue good are worthless. We can’t even consider listening or taking advice from these evil cons. Since the Catholic Church bought into wall street our Country has went to shit.  Buy back Wall Street America. Seems like the promotion of the mafia is getting sicken. Yeah its good American to celebrate or promote organized crime….
 To make a long story short we need to start being independent thinkers and a people who say hey ass clowns we will obey your laws, we will do what we are suppose to do. But we are not supporting or buying your bull shit any longer. Because at the end of the day if we the public are obeying laws and doing what we are suppose to do and the people running this Country aren’t their the problem not us. I will never confess to no priest or bow to some mafia organized loser. I am an independent Christian Child of the living God and I refuse to be bullied or dictated by radical ass holes.     If you take a leadership role you are responsible for the well being of your public. Please do your jobs and stop bowing to these radicals and support good people!!!!!
Common Sense 101 

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