12 Jan


  In 2001 we had an terrorist attack in New York to the trade towers. Former President Bush issued a war on terror. After 9/11 the Catholic Church and I suspect Britain’s Royal’s into wall street. I didn’t understand why they where promoted so much in our Nation until now. I am guessing who owns wall street owns America.
 China is one of the only Nation’s that helped us during the war on terror. Now think about it what is the perfect crime? Hire mercenaries to attack us on American soil
put all our attention on these muslim terrorist keeping our attention off the people who hired them? These are all suspicions but having someone confess to your crimes and hide them to weaken America with an exhausted war seems to make some sense.
 Some event’s happened when I believe people where getting close to the truth. One lead I have is the Catholic Church buying into wall street. Than seems the terrorist leader being found living poor some terrorist leader of a terrorist group……………?  Than Prince Harry surviving a terrorist attack in Libya when everyone else died was suspicious to me. How can one dodge bullets and trained U.S. Marines can’t? Don’t shoot the boss or lucky?
 These are the actions we need to take. We need to start publicly asking our leaders are they being dictated by the Catholic Church? The Rick guy from the GOP said separation from Church and State isn’t something or an other but discredited our religious Freedoms. We need to start being bold and asking questions before we are under an Old English rule religious dictation.
 Here is an message Catholic Church. Hilter was a catholic and we kicked his ass the Free World. There are billions and billions of people who enjoy being free and refuse religious rule. England’s Royals the American public will never!!!!!!!!!!!!! be under an old English Rule.
We kicked your ass’s in the Revolutionary war and you can’t handle it? Can’t let it go ? Catholic Church wants to control the Free World? Billions of free willed people say no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
America is for the People by and created by Free Men.
Common Sense 101 

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