24 Feb
I don’t buy the whole hacking deal from a Chinese military to steal business idea’s from America? Are they stealing Aunt Betty’s recipe for American pie? Seriously the Chinese one day CNN say are succeeding and the next they are not succeeding and hacking to steal business idea’s? Aren’t they above us in education and technology?
 If you got all the latest technology you can create simple business idea’s. We need to be alert and see the simple tactic’s our media and Government is trying to pull here. I love my Country but I will be damn if I sit back and allow them to give me a bad name. We pay them taxes they reflect us people.
 The Chinese are people just trying to make it like us. And no I do not buy the hacking bid. I see it as being staged for some backdoor reason I suspect<gotta love that word. I don’t buy anything no media is throwing these days everything seems so dictated and 100% evil. God Almighty open our eyes and lead our hearts to see this evil In Jesus Name I pray amen.

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