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30 Mar
  I am going to keep it simple.
 Many famous people are creating a radical people that will create the Government having reasons to kill, take away freedoms to the NWO.
Let the Holy Spirit testify:
 Be calm. Any hindering the so called NWO will have to be in law and the illusion of freedom. We can use our human rights to hinder their NWO plans. Non radical protesting, court, finding people to run for office we know for sure are against the NWO movement and protecting them from the illuminati.
 Do not follow any Christian bands who promote an agenda or movement. They are illuminati members who are going to create a radical mind control towards you that will give the Government a reason to profile you a terrorist. Pretending to be Christians getting you to follow them is the goal here. They are leading us to our deaths.
  So in any sense do not be radical, violent, or speak of any movement or agenda. Enforce law, quote law, we have to become smart in law, defend our rights exposing Government corruption by non radial means.
I have seen many uTUBE videos that really expose this. Non radical human rights chest match.
 Winning this chest match isn’t going to be easy. But if we choose the fruit of the Spirit and allow the Spirit of Grace influence us we can and will hinder this NWO plan.
 pray this prayer with me
Lord Jesus, please expose the illusions of these radical groups creating radical religious propaganda
to turn us into radicals rather than objects of Love and Grace. In Jesus Name I pray amen  


30 Mar

I have researched this satanic group and have really seen on Utube and a lot

of web pages what these people are capable of. I also read this group is

lead by the England Royals. There is a band called Pillar who I have seen

illuminati goat horns on their albums and also the recording label goatee<.



 On the album by Pillar there is the old torture Roman  Colosseum with a military flag in the middle of it. The album is the love of the game. I believe these bands are creating a radical Christian following that will produce radical Christians to lead to us being profiled terrorist to start the slaughtering of millions or billions of Christians and Jews.



 They could not succeed in WW2 when Russia and the U.S. kicked their evil ass’s. Do not support former President Bush or anyone who supports him or any of his family. There is evidence he is in the illuminati. Do not support President Obama or anyone who supports

him their is suspicion he is in the illuminati. Do not give to any charities, do not support the England Royals who is the leader of the illuminati. They also believe in depopulation.



 Prince Harry said did the muslim terrorist take responsibility for hurricane sandy? I suspect Government terrorism in question using HAARP weather creating technology. This is anther thing to promote religious propaganda and making us believe its God. Making people assume God hates us and judging us with severe weather. Free World we can’t believe media, or any source in this illuminati group.



 Also we suspect North Korea is being dictated by the England behind the dispute. Now if you notice Erin Burnete on CNN said she suspects China is behind the North Korea radicalism? Well Erin China paid for the war in the middle East, also China gave Americans the last stimulus check during the Bush administration. So why would China have a problem with the U.S. giving us so much? CNN’s Erin Burnete are you in the illuminati?

Targeting China for this NWO plan conspired by the illuminati.?

 Free World China is not in connection with North Korea and we need to start a full investigation of the connection and dictation we suspect by the England Royals to start pressuring the suspected real source behind the World’s terrorism. Free World we need to start thinking for ourselves again we out number the illuminati 10-1. Prince William took a picture of himself with a lamb like Jesus Christ. He may be the chosen anti Christ for the
illuminati. We need as people need to start asking for interrogations of American leaders
to see if they are in this group the illuminati. We need a process to get these radical people out of our lives and big businesses’s. It is a chest match I believe we can win if we stop allowing their fear tactic’s cripple us.
Common Sense 101  


15 Mar
 You know I tend to notice things and bold enough to want to talk about them. Already feel targeted so mine as well give the assholes a reason to target me. I remember when an image of an atomic bomb mushroom appeared to China in a cloud form. Is this angel for the poop I mean pope similar to that. The same act of man for their promotion or threat?
 I abide in Jesus Christ everyday and I don’t buy anything the damn Catholic’s say. The Holy Spirit testifies that this image is not from God or any Angel. Unless its a damn demon posing as an Angel of light.
Anyone who loves Jesus and abides in that Love let Him testify.
 We have this HAARP technology I read about that they use energy to create weather etc. I suspect this is a work from HAARP. And I also I suspect the atomic bomb cloud was a direct threat to China. We all know the Chinese do not tolerate religious dictation and ready to fight for that freedom. What I see and seen I don’t blame them one bit being a Christian. Love doesn’t force.
 The Catholic Church bought into our wall street and our Nation has went to total hell. Notice a lot of things are the same as England and the UK’s main Church is Catholic. America wake up and don’t allow these nut jobs to dictate or run our Nation. We need to stand up and say kiss our free ass’s because we are not going to be run by a choke neck sex offending religion.
 Don’t buy their shit and stay independent in Christ please. Also the technology today they will do everything possible to fool us. Don’t buy it, no one can
imitate the Holy Spirit. So with this allow God’s Presence to be our guides. Keep life simple and your faith simple you will make it to heaven and also be Bless in the Holy Spirit and will have the ability to profile evil pretending to be good.
 God sense 101 


7 Mar
 To fix a huge problem within the Nation we know to been great and turned into some I suspect a criminal Government. We have to make things simple again and eliminating con jobs to get evil people elected.
 Government to me is a organized protection accountant and also an organized account to use tax dollars to aid the American people. These assholes forget we pay their damn salaries. The damn media forgets we pay their damn salaries. So its time you show the public the respect they deserve.
 Here would be a simple budget plan.
We know all money is based on resources and crop production. 
1. budget plan for National security.
2. budget plan for all Government programs.
3. budget plan for military.
4. budget plan for federal police.
 When the Republican’s and the Obama fellow where just a fussing and fighting and so on. Notice there was no documented budget to where our tax dollars went. Notice they borrowed money from China and really no jobs where created…………..? Refer to the Paul Ryan Joe Biden debate.  Are US Government officials throwing this con jobs embezzling from the American people?
 Just be aware America.
1. Unless a Charity can prove by a budget
where every dime goes. Simple don’t call
their ass and don’t give them a dime.
2. If the Government is asking for money again
unless they can prove where every dime goes
do not give them a dime.
3. We need full heat on HAARP and can it create
severe weather. I don’t feel safe with thunder snow
and all the severe weather we are getting. Do not buy the cover up’s we suspect they are throwing.
1. Witchcraft
notice the promotion of in the last 10 years
2. The judgement of God.
the book of Romans say clear we are in the Grace era
and God’s judgement is in the after life.
3. Pinning it on the terrorist.
Yes they are a threat but the sons of bitch’s can’t afford technology to create weather. Most Nations can’t.
wake up America
We need a new American Party
Our party not their’s.
Common Sense 101