7 Mar
 To fix a huge problem within the Nation we know to been great and turned into some I suspect a criminal Government. We have to make things simple again and eliminating con jobs to get evil people elected.
 Government to me is a organized protection accountant and also an organized account to use tax dollars to aid the American people. These assholes forget we pay their damn salaries. The damn media forgets we pay their damn salaries. So its time you show the public the respect they deserve.
 Here would be a simple budget plan.
We know all money is based on resources and crop production. 
1. budget plan for National security.
2. budget plan for all Government programs.
3. budget plan for military.
4. budget plan for federal police.
 When the Republican’s and the Obama fellow where just a fussing and fighting and so on. Notice there was no documented budget to where our tax dollars went. Notice they borrowed money from China and really no jobs where created…………..? Refer to the Paul Ryan Joe Biden debate.  Are US Government officials throwing this con jobs embezzling from the American people?
 Just be aware America.
1. Unless a Charity can prove by a budget
where every dime goes. Simple don’t call
their ass and don’t give them a dime.
2. If the Government is asking for money again
unless they can prove where every dime goes
do not give them a dime.
3. We need full heat on HAARP and can it create
severe weather. I don’t feel safe with thunder snow
and all the severe weather we are getting. Do not buy the cover up’s we suspect they are throwing.
1. Witchcraft
notice the promotion of in the last 10 years
2. The judgement of God.
the book of Romans say clear we are in the Grace era
and God’s judgement is in the after life.
3. Pinning it on the terrorist.
Yes they are a threat but the sons of bitch’s can’t afford technology to create weather. Most Nations can’t.
wake up America
We need a new American Party
Our party not their’s.
Common Sense 101  

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