30 Mar

I have researched this satanic group and have really seen on Utube and a lot

of web pages what these people are capable of. I also read this group is

lead by the England Royals. There is a band called Pillar who I have seen

illuminati goat horns on their albums and also the recording label goatee<.



 On the album by Pillar there is the old torture Roman  Colosseum with a military flag in the middle of it. The album is the love of the game. I believe these bands are creating a radical Christian following that will produce radical Christians to lead to us being profiled terrorist to start the slaughtering of millions or billions of Christians and Jews.



 They could not succeed in WW2 when Russia and the U.S. kicked their evil ass’s. Do not support former President Bush or anyone who supports him or any of his family. There is evidence he is in the illuminati. Do not support President Obama or anyone who supports

him their is suspicion he is in the illuminati. Do not give to any charities, do not support the England Royals who is the leader of the illuminati. They also believe in depopulation.



 Prince Harry said did the muslim terrorist take responsibility for hurricane sandy? I suspect Government terrorism in question using HAARP weather creating technology. This is anther thing to promote religious propaganda and making us believe its God. Making people assume God hates us and judging us with severe weather. Free World we can’t believe media, or any source in this illuminati group.



 Also we suspect North Korea is being dictated by the England behind the dispute. Now if you notice Erin Burnete on CNN said she suspects China is behind the North Korea radicalism? Well Erin China paid for the war in the middle East, also China gave Americans the last stimulus check during the Bush administration. So why would China have a problem with the U.S. giving us so much? CNN’s Erin Burnete are you in the illuminati?

Targeting China for this NWO plan conspired by the illuminati.?

 Free World China is not in connection with North Korea and we need to start a full investigation of the connection and dictation we suspect by the England Royals to start pressuring the suspected real source behind the World’s terrorism. Free World we need to start thinking for ourselves again we out number the illuminati 10-1. Prince William took a picture of himself with a lamb like Jesus Christ. He may be the chosen anti Christ for the
illuminati. We need as people need to start asking for interrogations of American leaders
to see if they are in this group the illuminati. We need a process to get these radical people out of our lives and big businesses’s. It is a chest match I believe we can win if we stop allowing their fear tactic’s cripple us.
Common Sense 101  

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