30 Mar
  I am going to keep it simple.
 Many famous people are creating a radical people that will create the Government having reasons to kill, take away freedoms to the NWO.
Let the Holy Spirit testify:
 Be calm. Any hindering the so called NWO will have to be in law and the illusion of freedom. We can use our human rights to hinder their NWO plans. Non radical protesting, court, finding people to run for office we know for sure are against the NWO movement and protecting them from the illuminati.
 Do not follow any Christian bands who promote an agenda or movement. They are illuminati members who are going to create a radical mind control towards you that will give the Government a reason to profile you a terrorist. Pretending to be Christians getting you to follow them is the goal here. They are leading us to our deaths.
  So in any sense do not be radical, violent, or speak of any movement or agenda. Enforce law, quote law, we have to become smart in law, defend our rights exposing Government corruption by non radial means.
I have seen many uTUBE videos that really expose this. Non radical human rights chest match.
 Winning this chest match isn’t going to be easy. But if we choose the fruit of the Spirit and allow the Spirit of Grace influence us we can and will hinder this NWO plan.
 pray this prayer with me
Lord Jesus, please expose the illusions of these radical groups creating radical religious propaganda
to turn us into radicals rather than objects of Love and Grace. In Jesus Name I pray amen  

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