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18 Apr
Recently through spy like means I have been given a technology that can change the way we live. We can now clone food, all things we need to survive in this World. The illuminati has targeted me lead by the United Kingdom Royals based on this ownership of the cloning Resource Program.
 I have in spy like means talked with Russia, China, and the U.S. leaders on a plan finally made for the public and not only the rich. This Program is based on unlimited resources meaning unlimited money meaning enough for everyone. It’s going to take hard work but if we the public’s of the World work together we can change the illuminati satanic system we are forced in for a better day.
 Notice Nations like North Korea, Syria, are making threats to the U.S. and other Nations being used a pawns.
The illuminati lead by the United Kingdom Royals are using these threats from these pawn Nations to hinder this program from getting fully started.
 This program consists of free food, free electricity, free
health care. The cost of living will go down and also the
minimum wage will sky rocket. Meaning we will eliminate our poor society and only have a strong middle class and an rich class. But we have to work to have a productive
safe Nation. So we will have job training programs and college for job training from high school.
 For people out of work once this program is finally in effect company’s will be forced to hire millions. Because a lot of companies are cloning materials without my consent. Meaning I will put a legal boot up their ass telling them no more taking and time to start giving or they will not be able to use my technology.
 I don’t want to be followed or worshiped. All I want is for you to believe in a simple program that will make our lives better. Yes we will expand this program to starving Nations all over the planet. No more suffering and satanic oppression to good willing to work people.
 I will be under 24/7 surveillance to ensure my life to ensure a form of stability until we get going.  The threats from North Korea’s agenda is by the illuminati basically threats of war to keep us all extorted and oppressed. I need to ask the public a favor.
 Contact the U.N.
ask them for free legal aid
to start cases in the U.S. and U.K.
for proven illuminati terrorism we
are forced to accept.
present it to the Courts by independent means
record everything
yes we offer sure protection

Radical agenda by Government to create radical Christianity exposed

6 Apr

   We are are really tired of the US and UK Government covering homosexual rights instead of economy problems. I am a heterosexual and Born Again Christian who have no problems with homosexuals being married. I look at it like this all other faiths can get married and they are not Christian. 


 Basically the point is the US and UK Government are promoting in my opinion an homosexual rights agenda having big money preachers and Christians to promote anti gay movements to create a conflict between both parties. We are all dumb for wasting a damn dollar on either side. Reason I am 110% independent born Again Christian refusing to follow any agenda’s or movements or give to any damn charity. 


Christians ask God for direction of all homosexual rights movements. I have and the Spirit of Grace tells me if you take rights or fight rights you can’t argue rights for yourself. In order to be able to present the Gospel or have Free Speech towards the Gospel of Christ just allow the homosexuals marriage rights and lets have tolerance between both parties and focus only on our economy. 


 Facts are there is an cloning resource program invented by the Chinese and they have given me the technology to manage and own. Now yes there is evidence we are under evil oppression by satanist leaders in a secret group called the Illuminati. We are in a chest match now the US Government dictated by the UK Royals are keeping my aid from me. 


We need to all calm down stand together non radically to expose them get the damn devil douche bags out of office to come to a prosperity period. We can’t allow them to control our resources in a radical way any longer. Cloning means enough for all meaning we can have a strong middle class and  rich class. No we can’t all me rich because we still going to need blue collar workers. 


  Getting rid of a poor class and giving home to the homeless or hopeless is what we as people should work towards. Yes even with my luck I am going to be a worker. I believe in work for the production and stability of a Government or people. Prove them wrong public let’s show them the satanist can profile but we can prove to them we are a capable trustworthy ready to work public. 


Don’t accept the cons. Don’t buy into propaganda. Please for the love of all that is good do not riot. That’s what they want and that’s what the no jobs and bad times are for is to create a radical public to enforce marshal law to create a communist NWO.  These are some Facts we need to know.


1. Government can create weather by HAARP. 

2. the Illuminati don’t respect life and honor death

as a sacrifice to satan. Lame ass douche bags huh?
Losers <<<<<<<<<<

research know, expose no radicalism 

Common Sense 101 




2 Apr
These are the facts people don’t loose hope and understand I am just a man fed up as the public
with our Government and Hollywood and media sources.
I am one of you, victim of this satanic cult.
1. The Chinese owned a technology that can clone all our major resources. They have given me this technology for a plan that keeps peace among Nations to prevent wars.
2. I have done research that a satanic cult the illuminati
a satanic cult that you have to sell your soul before entering lead by the England Royals. Just google it the information is there by brave researchers.
3. Most of all Hollywood are in this cult and media. US Government also. Notice you have the big goof ball shaq if you are a mason shaq and sold your soul to satan he wasn’t good to you huh? Lack of talent in the NBA just a big in the way non shooting loser.
 Notice people like shaq calling the public hood rats. Notice the media like Fox News defaming in need suffering people needing jobs. They are doing this because the original plan was to have slaves us public and hollywood and musicians, media, and Government officials creating a communist Government where our voice or opinion will not count.
 Hey shaq the hood rats you talk about I am sure has more humanity and class than  your non talented ass. Owning this technology I will not accept or support satanic groups or hollywood. Hollywood and media public will be at your mercy once again. I will profile this satanic cult as a terrorist cell.
 There are leads they murder children for sacrifices. They rape children, they sacrifice adults they call themselves depopulation people to act on terrorist acts for depopulation they stage terrorism for their sacrifices to satan.  I saw a picture of Michael Jackson online where it arrogantly drew out 911 before it happened.
 Sandy hook was planned months before it happened. The movie theater shooting was planned out before it happened. Lil Wayne had a video towards this act of terror. Seems hollywood and this illuminati groups are arrogantly telling us about their suspected acts of terror before its done.
 Do not panic. I know its hard. Obama has stopped White House tours because the US Government are planning to create a radical following in the US to start riots etc. Than the US Government and its officials are going to call martial law. Than our rights are gone. They are oppressing, extorting us into radical acts to frame and defame us to not get aid from other Nations like China.
 1. Do not riot.
2. Do not do any radical protests.
3. We work in the Court systems.
Contact the U.N. China and I will
fund any act of law towards this NWO Plan.
We will protect you.
 If they are overwhelmed in Court by the public.
This darkness planned will come to light.
We have all the money in the World.
We will fund all court battles for freedom.
Contact the UN
 You need to push any illuminati satanist member is not stable for US Government leadership its a terrorist cult and Us the US public will not tolerate it.
This will be a chest match.
Look it up
Us the public outnumber the illuminati
non radical acts in Court taking our
Nation back starting cases for Government terrorism
will get this radical satanic group out of power