Radical agenda by Government to create radical Christianity exposed

6 Apr

   We are are really tired of the US and UK Government covering homosexual rights instead of economy problems. I am a heterosexual and Born Again Christian who have no problems with homosexuals being married. I look at it like this all other faiths can get married and they are not Christian. 


 Basically the point is the US and UK Government are promoting in my opinion an homosexual rights agenda having big money preachers and Christians to promote anti gay movements to create a conflict between both parties. We are all dumb for wasting a damn dollar on either side. Reason I am 110% independent born Again Christian refusing to follow any agenda’s or movements or give to any damn charity. 


Christians ask God for direction of all homosexual rights movements. I have and the Spirit of Grace tells me if you take rights or fight rights you can’t argue rights for yourself. In order to be able to present the Gospel or have Free Speech towards the Gospel of Christ just allow the homosexuals marriage rights and lets have tolerance between both parties and focus only on our economy. 


 Facts are there is an cloning resource program invented by the Chinese and they have given me the technology to manage and own. Now yes there is evidence we are under evil oppression by satanist leaders in a secret group called the Illuminati. We are in a chest match now the US Government dictated by the UK Royals are keeping my aid from me. 


We need to all calm down stand together non radically to expose them get the damn devil douche bags out of office to come to a prosperity period. We can’t allow them to control our resources in a radical way any longer. Cloning means enough for all meaning we can have a strong middle class and  rich class. No we can’t all me rich because we still going to need blue collar workers. 


  Getting rid of a poor class and giving home to the homeless or hopeless is what we as people should work towards. Yes even with my luck I am going to be a worker. I believe in work for the production and stability of a Government or people. Prove them wrong public let’s show them the satanist can profile but we can prove to them we are a capable trustworthy ready to work public. 


Don’t accept the cons. Don’t buy into propaganda. Please for the love of all that is good do not riot. That’s what they want and that’s what the no jobs and bad times are for is to create a radical public to enforce marshal law to create a communist NWO.  These are some Facts we need to know.


1. Government can create weather by HAARP. 

2. the Illuminati don’t respect life and honor death

as a sacrifice to satan. Lame ass douche bags huh?
Losers <<<<<<<<<<

research know, expose no radicalism 

Common Sense 101 




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