18 Apr
Recently through spy like means I have been given a technology that can change the way we live. We can now clone food, all things we need to survive in this World. The illuminati has targeted me lead by the United Kingdom Royals based on this ownership of the cloning Resource Program.
 I have in spy like means talked with Russia, China, and the U.S. leaders on a plan finally made for the public and not only the rich. This Program is based on unlimited resources meaning unlimited money meaning enough for everyone. It’s going to take hard work but if we the public’s of the World work together we can change the illuminati satanic system we are forced in for a better day.
 Notice Nations like North Korea, Syria, are making threats to the U.S. and other Nations being used a pawns.
The illuminati lead by the United Kingdom Royals are using these threats from these pawn Nations to hinder this program from getting fully started.
 This program consists of free food, free electricity, free
health care. The cost of living will go down and also the
minimum wage will sky rocket. Meaning we will eliminate our poor society and only have a strong middle class and an rich class. But we have to work to have a productive
safe Nation. So we will have job training programs and college for job training from high school.
 For people out of work once this program is finally in effect company’s will be forced to hire millions. Because a lot of companies are cloning materials without my consent. Meaning I will put a legal boot up their ass telling them no more taking and time to start giving or they will not be able to use my technology.
 I don’t want to be followed or worshiped. All I want is for you to believe in a simple program that will make our lives better. Yes we will expand this program to starving Nations all over the planet. No more suffering and satanic oppression to good willing to work people.
 I will be under 24/7 surveillance to ensure my life to ensure a form of stability until we get going.  The threats from North Korea’s agenda is by the illuminati basically threats of war to keep us all extorted and oppressed. I need to ask the public a favor.
 Contact the U.N.
ask them for free legal aid
to start cases in the U.S. and U.K.
for proven illuminati terrorism we
are forced to accept.
present it to the Courts by independent means
record everything
yes we offer sure protection

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