2 Jan
Matthew 9:13 13 But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’[a] For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
 I mean I can’t stand people who teach the lie that suffering is the only way to repentance or God. I have watched and studied old Catholic traditions that involve torture and murder towards their definition of sinners. What did Jesus mean by he calls sinners and not the righteous? If you have a Catholic Priest calling himself father accepting confessions of sins than he is basically playing God.
 So why would God call someone who believes in self righteousness vs a need for the conviction and conscience given by the Holy Spirit. You do not need to fast, you do not need to walk on egg shells to be a tangible Christian. I was attending an Baptist Church I was baptized at and was a member and I suspected the mafia was running the Church. And the reason for my suspicion was the Preacher kissing some guy from New Jersey’s ass every Sunday.
 And they praised a guy that had professed his dead father having ties with the mafia. I can’t get into detail but this goes towards an issue in my life. I stopped attending the Church and became an independent Christian. I refuse to follow an denomination that is dictated by organized crime. I also suspect many Church’s around the U.S. the mafia are running their crimes through. Like I said after 9/11 the Catholic Church bought into wall street and this Country has went to shit every since.
  Here is a message to you radical Catholic’s. I am a born again Christian fueled and inspired by the Holy Spirit. I am the product of a Christian you said was guilty of heresy and burnt like witch’s. I am the product of Jesus Christ that loves Israel and has no problem with them being God’s chosen people. I don’t fear your Hilter’s or whatever power you assume you have. I am an George Washington ready to beat the odd’s and win my freedom of religion and freedom to reject your bull shit religion. The Holy Spirit brings conviction of tolerance to other religions and beliefs for peace purposes. But also conviction and a fire to defend our rights by all means necessary.   Free World 2 Radical terrorist 0   we have no problems or fear making it 3-0  WE REFUSE TO LIVE IN FEAR! GOD SENSE 101  


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