15 Mar
 You know I tend to notice things and bold enough to want to talk about them. Already feel targeted so mine as well give the assholes a reason to target me. I remember when an image of an atomic bomb mushroom appeared to China in a cloud form. Is this angel for the poop I mean pope similar to that. The same act of man for their promotion or threat?
 I abide in Jesus Christ everyday and I don’t buy anything the damn Catholic’s say. The Holy Spirit testifies that this image is not from God or any Angel. Unless its a damn demon posing as an Angel of light.
Anyone who loves Jesus and abides in that Love let Him testify.
 We have this HAARP technology I read about that they use energy to create weather etc. I suspect this is a work from HAARP. And I also I suspect the atomic bomb cloud was a direct threat to China. We all know the Chinese do not tolerate religious dictation and ready to fight for that freedom. What I see and seen I don’t blame them one bit being a Christian. Love doesn’t force.
 The Catholic Church bought into our wall street and our Nation has went to total hell. Notice a lot of things are the same as England and the UK’s main Church is Catholic. America wake up and don’t allow these nut jobs to dictate or run our Nation. We need to stand up and say kiss our free ass’s because we are not going to be run by a choke neck sex offending religion.
 Don’t buy their shit and stay independent in Christ please. Also the technology today they will do everything possible to fool us. Don’t buy it, no one can
imitate the Holy Spirit. So with this allow God’s Presence to be our guides. Keep life simple and your faith simple you will make it to heaven and also be Bless in the Holy Spirit and will have the ability to profile evil pretending to be good.
 God sense 101 

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